line-oriented flight training

line-oriented flight training
LOFT refers to aircrew training which involves a realistic, ‘real time’, full mission simulation of situations which are representative of line operations, with special emphasis on situations which involve communications, management and leadership. It simulates the total line operational environment for the purposes of training flight crews. Such training can include initial training, transition training, upgrade training, recurrent training, and special training (e.g., route or airport qualification training). It is training in judgment and decision making. LOFT is a combination of high-fidelity aircraft simulation and high-fidelity line-operations simulation. LOFT can have a significant impact on aviation safety through improved training and validation of operational procedures. LOFT presents to aircrews scenarios of typical daily operations in their airline with reasonable and realistic difficulties and emergencies introduced to provide training and evaluation of proper flight deck management techniques. The result is an appreciation by the air carrier of operational shortcomings on the part of line crews and an evaluation of the adequacy of flight deck procedures and instrumentation, as well as over-all crew training effectiveness. LOFT scenarios may be developed from many sources, but accident reports provide a realistic and appropriate starting point. A properly conducted LOFT program can provide great insight into the internal workings of an airline′s operations and training.

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